Friday 3 September 2010


Hello all, I recently moved to Ghent for 5 months, I'll be doing an internship and see what it's like to live on my own. It feels good. I love the place, I never lived in a city before and this is my favorite city of the country. I feel more alive in a way. I also like arranging everything into a new room and putting up photos and posters on the wall, it makes me feel kinda new.

I went to Made in Belgium a while ago, which is a market for handmade things and the people who like to buy/make it. I did a gig there for the first time which was very exciting, but what was also very nice is that I won a give-away. Here's what I won:

I love everything but my favorite is the necklace, it's really beautiful.

The people on the market were also very nice, I met Melissa and bought a book from her, had some fun in her photobooth.

Thanks to Made in Belgium I felt the need to make something myself, I searched for something that I was familiar with and got into crochet again. Made me an iPhone case:

I set the goal for myself to make a lot of things and open an Etsy shop with all kinds of stuff. I'm working on a little bag now, going bigger everytime.

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severien said...

Joepie! Heel veel plezier in Gent! :)