Friday, 28 December 2012

Secret Twitter Santa 2012

Mijn Secret Twitter Santa was... Astrid! Ik denk dat ik zowat de leukste kerst ooit gehad heb door haar. Een mooie doos met confetti vol surprises die maar bleven komen. Nog eens bedankt, lieve Astrid!

Hier zijn de foto's.

De Ryan Gosling en de kalender van Frankenweenie hebben e

en mooi plaatsje gekregen! :D Ook met de bon van Dille&Kamille ben ik heel blij, en met dat supermooie kettinkje!!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday, 3 November 2012

DIY Joy Division Glass

My brain danced with happiness when I came to think of this yesterday. I've been wanting to do something with glass painting markers a long time, when suddenly the famous design of the Unknown Pleasures record by Joy Division popped into my head. The graphic line structure is very thankful and easy to print on almost anything. It doesn't need colour or shapes. It's been used a thousand times for tattoos and all kinds of merchandise ever since the record was released in the seventies.

Since I am a fan, it's always a pleasure when I can funk anything up with Joy Division-related graphics. So I hope you like it too! And if you're not a fan, you can use this tutorial as an inspiration to make something similar. For a few pennies you'll have a trendy drinking glass with some Urban Outfitters allure!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Give-Away winner!

And the winner is...
HANNE! Congratulations :)

With 3 participators there was a big chance of winning for all, but of course there can only be one.
So I counted in order of the time your blogposts were posted:

I would like to thank you girls for participating and I hope you're not too much disappointed :) I had a lot of fun doing my first small give-away and I hope you did too.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Pieces of autumn

I usually hate this time of the year. I get moody and sad. But this time I try not to curse falling leaves and rain, cold and spiders. I do love blankets, tea and new knitting projects. I started a blanket a few days ago which will be a perfect project for when I'm on the train to work. Then it will forever be my personal victory blanket to always remind me of 'that time when I got my first job'.

A while ago I found a beautifully handmade wooden Pinocchio puppet :)

I bought a fox tea towel from Mibo and sewed it into a plushie.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Internet, Pinocchio and cake

Sooo, why the hell are 'internet', 'pinocchio' and 'cake' in the same title? Excuse me for this emotional intermezzo, and the fact that there's already enough discussion going on about the internet. I'll probably say something cliché; the internet kind of makes me sad sometimes. Ever since I started using it, I've seen so many wonderful things like a door that opened to my small insignificant life. But the older I get, the more it seems like something I have to use to the fullest or something I get lost in. Here's the newest app, download it! You know you won't resist! And when you got it, you even want more and better apps. Because we're never satisfied. Or even better, the more sophisticated life gets, the more I want to be and have 'retro'. I spent an hour looking and surfing for the perfect retro bookshelf today without success. Earlier this week I found a beautiful free magazine and all I remember was being disappointed in the number of pages. What's up with being so unthankful?

Of course it's a good thing to always have something like a virtual resort. We probably all have the image in our minds of a dirty, weird person when we would talk about an internet addict. But I believe we all are these days. Because admit it, we would tweet about that guy to laugh with him. So I find the internet to be some sort of wonderland with a 'dangerous' side.

Remember this scene from Pinochio? He gets trapped into joining the bad guy to some wonderful island where he can have fun aaaallll day, and then transforms into a donkey. How Disney tries to tell us at a young age that life isn't possible if there's only fun. You can't be greedy — and even virtual greediness can make us forget the important things.

Also, I don't remember being as scared as a toddler as I am now when watching that scene. I mean, who had to come up with a script suitable for children and would then come up with a wooden boy slowly changing into a donkey? Disney is weird sometimes, makes me think the script writers took something. But I have to admit, without all of the weird shit it wouldn't reach its full effect.

We look for the biggest fish in order to get inspiration for our own lives. To get the cheapest and the best. At least I know I do. My constant search for inspiration and creativity, new things to make and do and share, is getting a bit tiresome. Seeing an amazing picture only makes me think "I wish I did that!" and a brilliant DIY project makes me feel stupid for not thinking of that myself.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not that stupid to believe the internet makes people change into donkeys or anything. At least not literally. But when I see some people acting on Facebook (is it just me, or do people really act more like donkeys on Facebook than Twitter or anything else?) they just already might have that ears and tail. I mean, my Facebook cover is like a big deal and I really look for a good one sometimes. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

After a comparison with Pinocchio, I would also like to use cake as a metaphor. You get a cake as a present and it's superbe. But you know there will be an end to it later that day or maybe that week. It's fun but it's not endless. The internet is. No wonder I get tired of it.

Do you see internet like a wonderland too sometimes, instead of just another source of information? I would really like to know your opinions about this, or if I am the only one who feels like this. I would love to see your personal metaphors to the internet. To close this rant, I would like to end with the fact that in spite of my internet blues, I do think this blogpost was a good thing. And that's exactly what I should do — use the internet more to my own advantage.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Dag van de webshop — 10% korting!

Voor de dag van de webshop geef ik 24 uur lang 10% korting in mijn Etsy-shop, hoera! Let wel, je krijgt deze korting enkel indien je bij het afrekenen de kortingscode AWESOME gebruikt.